"In this new war, the battlefield of the mind, hope would become my new ammunition, and the mission field would be the centerpiece of my new battlefield." -Sgt Q

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How Sgt Q Serves

Healing Thru Service

Award-winning step-by-step process of healing through mission service, leading to a life of gratitude, fulfillment, and purpose. Book and Curriculum course available.


Focusing on Mental Health and Healing thru Jesus and Missions, Sgt Aaron Quinonez talks about his personal experiences and struggles with PTSD and how he found purpose and recovery in service.

Mission Field

QMissions is designed to help veterans heal from the effects of war through serving others and being part of a cause greater than themselves. Through the process we provide tools to help overcome traumas.


Speaker, Author, Teacher, PTSD Ambassador

Aaron is a Marine 1st Anglico veteran who specialized in communication as a forward observer. He holds billets for Naval Weapons Security Management and Close Combat Instructor. He received badges for expert marksmanship and master parachutist. He is the owner of Reliable Commercial Cleaning and founder of the veteran non profit Q Missions. He received the 2016 Distinguished Service to Veterans award and the 2018 Superior Award from the Department of Veterans Affairs. An was awarded the 2017 Hometown Hero award from Kiro7 news.

Sgt Q traded the battlefield for the mission field and found healing and purpose through building homes and churches, feeding children, and supplying precious hope to struggling communities worldwide. God then called him to form QMissions, a pathway for veterans—Sgt Q’s fellow warfighters—to replace the battle scars of their minds with the joy of serving.

“We need to work together to prevent suicide. Together we can save lives, together we can change the world.”


The Latest From Sgt Q

Being part of the @seahawkscommunity #Taskforce12 means you always have family.

@sumoandsushi @marathon_man_1983
#brothers #family #SgtQ #PTSDTreatment #hope #sumo&sushi

A great evening with #family. Eating Sushi and watching fat men slap eachother around.

@marathon_man_1983 @wonderlust_with_ptsd

Out on the town with these beautiful ladies.

Alija turns 25 and we celebrate with @sumoandsushi

#SgtQ #veteran #birthdayvibes

Visiting members of the @seahawkscommunity Taskforce12 and my friends over at 9line veteran services.

Always good to see my brother @shawndurnen and learn more about his work in the veteran space.

#9line #SgtQ #mentalhealth #Taskforce12

@seattlethunderbirds are part of my mentalhealth plan.

#SgtQ #veteran #Marines #QMissions #tbirds #QActual

Final leg of my journey.
It will be nice to be home for the next 20 days.
Then off to Mexico to build a home for a homeless family just in time for Christmas.

#homesofhope #SgtQ #veteran #Marines #ptsdtreatment #QMissions #healingthruservice #beardo

Tonight I spent time at the Cone Ventures private event connecting with other healthcare innovation teams and solution providers.

This is the team that believed in us first and has been instrumental in our success. Thank you CVT for supporting our journey.

We wouldn't be here without you.

#coneventures #SgtQ #QActual #mentalhealth #mentalwellness

Lesson: when you are achieving success, don't forget to look back and see who you can bring with you.

Tonight was incredible! I prayed God would open doors for me and help me connect to the right people.

I went early and was front row to hear @lancearmstrong talk about mental resiliency. Going from hero to zero and then building back better.

My good friend Guy East rode with him years ago so I decided to try and sneak back stage to meet Lance. Ducking stage hands and avoiding security I positioned myself to intercept.

There was another lady trying to gain access too but the stage hands pushed out. I looked back and saw her standing there disappointed just meer feet from Lance. I signaled for her to follow me as I navigated into position to approch Lance and get this sweet pic. He also invited me to email him to pitch to his VC company!

The young lady Ellen was able to meet him as well. We walked away and chatted and she gave me a pass to a private event her company Optum was hosting. It was a top notch event and I was able to meet some [22] really great people. She also told me to schedule a meeting with her for tomorrow to talk about how we could possibly work together to integrate the app into their system. This is a HUGE player in the healthcare space. She said she had denied all other meeting requests but would look for mine.

At the private event I was invited to a 2nd event where I met even more great connections, some were veterans and others were local to Washington.

All of these amazing doors opened up and opportunities presented themselves because I prayed and God answered. I was bold in my approach to meet Lance then helped others do the same. If I was selfish and met Lance it would have been a cool story, but it would have ended there. Now because I helped others achieve their goal, endless possibilities are ahead of me and I will have many more great stories to to tell.

Lesson: when you are achieving success, don't forget to look back and see who you can bring with you.

#SgtQ #PTSDTreatment #QActual #mentalhealth #mentalwellness

It is awesome to watch other startups pitch their technology.

#SgtQ #PTSDTreatment #hlth2022 #hlth

"At the core of all health, is mental health."

Attending the @hlthevent 2022.
Hoping to connect with others who value mental health.

Thank you for this invitation @solome33

#hlth #SgtQ #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #qactual #suicideprevention

It was an incredible trip to Oklahoma and an amazing experience to work with the Choctaw people. I sit this morning doing my daily bible study, reflecting on how far God has taken me. From homeless and hopeless to healing and traveling. Sharing the hope that God has given me with countless others.

Everwhere I go people thank me and tell me how great of a person I am and for the work I do. The veterans that I help. The homes that I build, the technology I created.

But I am not a great man, I did not create, or build any of the the things that I get credit for. I did not help anyone heal from trauma who did not seek the Lord. I am simply an obedient follower of Christ and the only good in me that you see is the reflection of Christ working thru my hands.

Know that I am average at best and that the places that I go and the things that I do, can be done by anyone. I have no special talents or abilities. I only have one skill, one life hack... I study my bible and do what it says. Living a life in obedience to the word.
Its not easy but it is worth it.

You can do the same and far greater things than me. Trust in God and follow the example of Christ. This is the Way, walk in it.

I was fortunate enought to have a few minutes to speak with Chief Gary Batton of the Choctaw Nation.

He values the mentalhealth of his people and asked great questions about how to make @the_real_qactual available to more than veterans.

#SgtQ #veteran #ptsd #qactual #suicideprevention #choctaw

Part of my self care is spending time with other business owners choppin it up about the reality and responsibilities of employing other people.

It is a great source of joy to help employ people so they can feed their families.

@beauchevassus @marcuscola

Hanging out with my friend @fkittricoaching for his birthday! At the @pursuitdistillingco

#semperfi #seahawks #Taskforce12

I met @rosebud115 Heather Sanchez at the @seahawks Taskforce 12 Summit put on by the @seahawkscommunity team for the #SalutetoService game.

She is the Community engagement and partnership coordinator for the VA Puget Sound Healthcare system.

Alot of us, myself included, have a great distrust of the VA health care system and for good reason. Alot of have been burned by this system.

Today however gave me great hope that the VA is seeking to change and is empowering its employees to find new solutions outside the system.

We spent over 2 hours talking about how we can work together to bring new mentalhealth technology to veterans in the community. How we can work together to empower others working in this space to have greater effect on target.

I am confident that by working together we can save lives. Thank you Heather for your relentlessly dedication to our veterans.

The end of the Global Exchange Conference was incredible.

#SgtQ #veteran #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #qactual #suicideprevention

When you stand in the reality of who you are, you will not be bothered by the ignorance of others. -Ester Nicholson

A real, raw conversation about unconscious bias.

#SgtQ #unconciousbias #reality

Ester Nicholson: Compassionate Accountability "healing unconscious racial bias"

This is so eloquently illustrated by Ester. I am encouraged by her words.

#SgtQ #healingthruservice #healing #racialbias #ourwordsmatter

Excited to start day 3 of the Global Exchange Conference.

#SgtQ #PTSDTreatment #healingthruservice #healing #hope #anxiety #veteran #mentalhealth

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